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Transport of Dangerous Goods in accordance with ADR Legislation

In our Dangerous Goods Logistics activities that we carry out within the framework of ADR Hazardous Material Transport Legislation, we protect the chemicals we carry against all possible damages and losses and maintain our logistic activities by keeping environmental health at the forefront.

Our expert team, which has been in the sector for years with its knowledge and experience, is able to respond to logistics needs easily in every link of the chemical supply chain. We have an exemplary company vaoisi which has given prominence to the sector in our vehicle park and fxkiDman park which is in compliance with all legal regulations and technological innovations, especially with our long years of work experience in transportation of dangerous goods, our professional, trained team.

We have been serving with the same team for many years and we provide our customers with the best service they deserve in this field with all the solutions and experience required by the sector with the branding formed as a result of the efforts made by our founding members for many years.

Our chemical and hazardous materials transportation activities, which are carried out at world standards and internationally, are supported by our SRC5 Basic and Tanker, Class I certified drivers. The expertise of our team and the documents we have received are a confirmation of the quality of our activities.