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Nitrogen (N) plays an important role in the development of roots, stems, shoots, branches and fruits of plants. Especially during the growing period, the nitrogen requirement of the crop increases. When there is no nitrogen in the soil, plant growth slows down due to poor root development. Incomplete development; this can be understood as a result of the planted leaves becoming smaller, falling off and not being able to shoot.

Phosphorus (P); It accelerates the root growth of the plant, is effective in the formation of flowering, increases the grain and fruit set. A plant deficient in phosphorus blooms late, flower and seed formation is poor. The leaves first turn dark green, then red and purple. In addition, fruit formation is small and the shelf life of the product is shortened.

Potassium (K); This element, which is perfect for the green parts and health of the plant, increases the plant's resistance against diseases, pests, cold and drought, and also affects the taste, size, fullness, color, aroma and shelf life of the product.