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18.46.0 DAP fertilizer inspires 18% nitrogen (N) and 46% phosphorus as phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5).

It progresses considerably, especially in the first developmental stages, due to the presence of nitrogen and ammonium (NH4). In addition to high yield, DAP fertilizer provides good color formation in fruits and vegetables, high tolerance to extreme cold and drought, resistance to diseases and pests, and long shelf life. It increases the aroma and flavor of the products as well as increases the vitamin properties. It accelerates plant growth, accumulates, provides the needs of the fertilization organs of plants, provides resistance against diseases, fills the grains and evaluates product safety.


In case of giving sufficient amount of DAP fertilizer; plant roots remain weak, growth is insufficient, and the plant remains stunted. Older lower leaves turn purple or dark green and their leaves fall prematurely.