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Our questions for YUKSELLER transportation.

1. What's in the load range you carry? Can you list these loads by separating them as dangerous and undangerous? Which sectors do you provide services to customers, which customers do you serve?

Our expertise is long-term logistics transportation jobs. This includes dangerous chemicals in dry loads. What matters to us is efficiency and planning. This creates a cost advantage for both the customer and us. We have served the companies with the leading major industries in our country. We can provide the necessary documents and training for these studies.

2. Can you tell us the details of the domestic and international services you offer? (Do you only provide shipping services, do you also offer more value-added services?)

It is essential to produce added value in all kinds of transportation business. If the customer can gain an advantage by giving you this job, he first questions this. Then he wants to be sure of your service quality and stability. We had an important experience especially in the transportation of garbage. We want to improve this. Recently, we have been working on dry cargo transportation and partial load transportation from Konya. We continue our work such as tow truck rental.

3. What kind of obstacles do you face in providing your services? (Legal regulations, infrastructure problems, tanker washing services etc.)

The development and growth of this industry has been random in our country and institutionalized companies are increasing. Of course, as in all matters, the state is lagging behind in terms of legal infrastructure and regulations. Especially there are problems with the insurance system and the establishment of standards.

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4. Your vehicle fleet, branches, warehouses, etc. Can you give detailed information about your investments? (Features of your vehicle fleet, number of vehicles, size and location of your warehouse, cities where your branches are located etc.)

Our vehicle fleet can show flexibility according to the long-term projects we have undertaken. We have important expectations regarding Konya-based dry cargo transportation, which we started to develop after the second half of 2009. We aim to grow with our approaches that solve the issue of quality and cost problems faced by Konya industrialists regarding truckers tradesmen. It is possible to double the number of vehicles in our own property, which is about 50, within 2 years. In addition, the partial load issue is considered virgin. We will have new warehouse investments in Konya regarding the transportation of loads that occur at large and regular intervals.

5. How did you overcome the crisis period, what kind of problems did you experience during this period? How do you close 2009? What kind of changes have occurred in your business volume and customer portfolio? What are your expectations from 2010?

The big companies we work with do not cause a crisis in the long run. First of all, the issue of stability and positive developments in the sectors we work in kept us away from the crisis environment. However, we will have new customers that will bring different sectors among our customers and reduce their sectoral risk.

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As Yükseller logistics, we would like to share our experience in this sector in general. We provide free advice to companies that may wish to work with us. I guess we can get the results after next year. I would like to repeat from here. We would like to repay our knowledge to the companies that intend to outsourcing the transportation business. Our expertise is to gain competitiveness.

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