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Yukseller established in 1975, in one of the villages of Anatolia, as a result of the dreams of "one" began with the growth, now active in the sector continues to travel between the leading companies.

In 1996, it was decided to continue as a company. Yukseleller Logistics, which mainly serves in the transportation of chemical substances by tankers, has continued to grow its scale rapidly within a short time.

The advantage of being one of the firsts of the rapidly increasing logistics sector in our country has reached to high level with the principles of speed and reliability and has become one of the leading brands.
Yukseleller Logistics, which keeps its corporate position up to date; In recent years, in addition to logistics, it has also undertaken major projects in the field of chemical supply, sales and logistics. Domestic and international "anhydrous ammonia" sales volume growing every day, the company's domestic sales and exports of anhydrous ammonia opened a new window to the field of activity. Besides that; the company also sells molasses, vinas and silepe which are used in agriculture, construction chemicals industry and feed industry.
Yukseller Logistics family; With its strong technological infrastructure, professional systematic route, trained team producing fast solutions and modern vehicle fleet, it is proud to carry the pride of being shown by finger in all transportation activities in national and international arena with its higher standards understanding.